January 16, 2018

Grooming hacks to speed up your morning

By Sophie Kelly In Hommage-Magazine

Most people spend their mornings rushing around suddenly realising that time has gotten ahead of them and needing to flee out the door. However, there are some small grooming hacks you can learn in order to shorten the time it takes you to get ready in the morning. We all also know that less time faffing around in the morning results in more sleep the night before, which can only be a positive thing. Read on to uncover some of our favourite time-saving hacks to speed up your morning routine, while still ensuring you look your absolute best.

grooming hacks

Grooming hacks: 1. Organise your bathroom

The golden rule for anyone who truly wants to speed up their daily morning routine is to: organise your bathroom efficiently. It’s the place you will most likely be spending the majority of the morning and somewhere you will b showering, shaving, applying creams and so forth. So craft your bathroom in to the absolute factory of grooming time saving. Make sure you know where everything is: hair products, shaving products, facial products, shower gels –  you have a lot more than you think. This will also help you notice if there are any particular products that you may need to update. Have everything laid out in a such a way that you’ll spend a minimum amount of time searching for things, also ensure the position of each item also matches your usual flow of getting ready. Then stick to this routine every day, and it will speed up the amount of time you spend in the bathroom.

Grooming hacks: 2. Shave the night before

Shaving can take up a considerably long amount of time, around 4-7 minutes on average. So why not completely cut it out from your morning routine and shave the night before? We understand that for some guys their five o’clock shadow may already be visible by the morning if they have shaved the night before. However, for those with lighter hair and less visible stubble we’d suggest shaving the night before.

Not only will a razor session before bed save you time but it will also help to reduce your chances of getting razor burn if you have sensitive skin, as you’ll be giving your skin more time to recover as you sleep. You’ll also be a lot less rushed in the evening and therefore will be less likely to cut yourself when shaving. Also ensure you’re using the HOMMAGE Prime Pre Shave Oil prior to shaving and the HOMMAGE Soothe Shave Balm post-shave to further reduce your chances of suffering from shaving rash.

Grooming hacks: 3. Shower the night before 

Showering and washing your hair at night can also be a viable suggestion, as long as you’re not the type of person who sweats frequently or who wakes up in the middle of the night feeling as if they are in a sauna, of course. Doing this means you can take as long as you want when showering, and it can even help you to destress before bed and fall asleep quicker once feeling more relaxed. Then in the morning you can still have a quick minute shower to refresh, just cut out the hair washing and you’ll have most likely cut out one of your longest tasks. It may sound unhygienic but you probably shower once every 24 hours anyway, so all you’ll be doing is moving around your time frame by around 7 hours.

grooming hacks phoneGrooming hacks: 4. Leave your phone alone

As hard as it may be, apart from for those times where you’re in such a rush you have no time to check your beloved cellular device at all, try to avoid going on your phone until you have left the house and are commuting. On average, the amount of time an individual spends commuting in Europe is 37.5 minutes daily, whereas in the UK the average amount of time an individual spends commuting 54 minutes a day. This is an awfully long time for many of us to check up on our social media, promotions and work related queries. So save time instantly and wait until you get out of the house before you begin your snapchat chit-chat.

grooming hacks shaveGrooming hacks: 5. Shave in the shower or shave after you shower

Whenever it is that you do decide to shave, do it after a shower or whilst you are in the shower. It may make more sense to wash the hairs from your face after shaving, with a long hot shower. However, if you shave prior to showering or whilst showering your pores will be softer and therefore a lot less likely to become irritated. So if a shaving rash is one of your most common insecurities, shave in the shower or shower before you shave. HOMMAGE have a Shower Shave Collection that includes 500ml of the Pre Shave Oil, Shave Cream and Shave Balm and an elegant metal container holder which makes it a lot easier to shave in the shower. Also whilst you’re in the shower and shaving use the HOMMAGE Purify Facial Cleanser to clean the skin thoroughly before you begin shaving. This will ensure you have an even cleaner shave.

Grooming hacks: 6. Keep a clock in your shower

grooming hacks alarm

It’s hard not to lose track of time in a warm, cosy shower when you’re half asleep on a cold winters day. Most people spend more time than is actually required when in the shower, which is due to the human mind losing track of time when enjoying a shower. This can often eat up the majority of the morning, so we suggest keeping a clock somewhere in your bathroom that is visible from the shower. Alternatively, set an alarm for 5 minutes or less so you know when its time to depart from the warmth. Also, avoid showering in water that is too hot as this will stop yourself from getting too comfortable in the shower. Colder showers also have a lot of benefits for your skin as a result.

So, here are just six morning hacks to save you time, speed up your morning and potentially ensure you get a longer, better nights sleep. The majority of them are based around saving time when it comes to showering and shaving. However, every day we release many more grooming hacks and tips to make your life that little bit easier. Just sign up to the HOMMAGE member locker room: https://hommage.com/my-account.

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