December 19, 2017

The best beard styles for your face shape

By Sophie Kelly In Hommage-Magazine

With the beard enjoying a resurgence in recent years, it seems anyone able to decorate their chin has taken to growing their beard out. Beards can give distinction to a gentleman’s look, and are a useful way to add character to a face if you are suffering from hair loss or have a close cropped haircut.

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hommage beard

Hommage Pre-Shave oil

The shape of a beard can have a dramatic effect on your appearance, lengthening, rounding or adding contours to suit. Generally, the best beard for your face is one that creates an oval shape. Oval is the most naturally pleasing to the eye, as it covers all bases. Lengthy without being thin, rounded without being completely circular. With this in mind, the ideal beard for you is the one which fills out your face in the areas it needs to create an oval shape. Let’s address them in order.


chirs pine jpeg beard

Chris Pine

 1. The Long face

A long face is one which is thinner around the cheeks and jawline, with a more pronounced or pointed chin.
The best facial hair style for anyone with a long face is fuller on the sides and not too long on the bottom. This will fill out your cheeks and jawline, smoothing off your face around the chin. Chris Pine’s look is a good illustration of this, tight around the chin with more of a free reign to the sides.


hemmingway jpeg hommage beard

Ernest Hemingway

2. The Round face

The best beard for a more round face is, following the above reasoning, one which lengthens the face out from the chin. So gentlemen should look to keep beards short on the sides and long on the bottom. Be this a goatee with a little extra length to it, or, if it is carefully maintained, a longer Garibaldi style beard is an option. The proviso of it being maintained is key – it should be cleanly rounded off, not scraggly. The great Ernest Hemingway on the right shows us exactly how this should be worn.


hommage beard

Jeff Bridges


3. The Square Face

Square faces can be defined by a strong, angled jaw line and hairline. Similar to the round face, it is important with a square face to lengthen the chin and keep hair from being too full on the cheeks; be wary of having sideburns which are too thick, for example, as this will accentuate the squareness and give a squat look. Again, a goatee is an option or even a chin strap, but for the perfect beard on a square face look no further than The Dude himself, Jeff Bridges showing us how it’s done.



idris elba jpeg beard

Idris Elba

4. The Oval Face

As the optimum shape for a face with a beard is oval, those already set with an oval canvas, so to speak, are in a strong starting position. Having an oval face allows you to play around more with your beard with little risk of affecting your facial symmetry. Be it a little thicker on the sides, a full beard with proper whiskers or a more sculpted goatee, as long as it’s well maintained you may feel freer to try a variety of styles. Idris Elba and Jake Gyllenhaal show that very different styles can suit this face shape.


hommage beard

Jake Gyllenhaal


As all good barbers will insist, it is important to give your facial hair as much care and attention as you would your hair. As well as ensuring it is well kept and clean shaven down the neck, brushed through and trimmed, make sure you wash and maintain your facial hair regularly, to avoid a scraggly appearance and irritable, flaky skin.




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