December 20, 2017

How to avoid or get rid of adult acne

By Sophie Kelly In Hommage-Magazine

One rather private but very common question asked by many men is: ‘How can I avoid, or get rid of adult acne?’

It’s something that many of us hoped would have been put to bed when we reached our 20s and said farewell to our teenage years. However, over ten percent of men over the age of 25 experience regular adult acne breakouts and over 40 percent are still prone to the odd blemish.

We spoke to our Cosmetic Dermatologist, Dr.Sam Van Eeden, who explained that acne is actually a very common skin condition. Dr.Sam explains that acne is a direct response to an overactive oil production in the skin, so those with oily skin are a lot more likely to suffer from acne breakouts.


Oil is the main cause of acne

Dr. Sam explained that oil, medically known as ‘sebum’, is actually a good friend of our skin, as it contains a natural ultraviolet SPF. So when we suddenly begin to be soaked in sweat on a hot summers day, our skin is actually protecting us by providing UV reflection to reduce sun damage. So Dr. Sam demonstrated that oil is good, unless it remains on our skin for a prolonged period, that’s when the skin begins to cause an inflammatory response to the oil.

This means that the number one rule to avoid adult acne is to ensure you have good skin hygiene. Dr. Sam recommends the HOMMAGE Silver Label Gentle Face Cleanser, as this is a face wash which contains elements that actually act like surfactants and lift the oil away from deep within your skin.

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Medical advice regarding acne 

So if you often suffer from breakouts, it might be worth asking yourself, ‘Do I have a facial regime?’ and ‘Is my facial hygiene up to scratch?’. However, Dr. Sam explains that if you are already ensuring your face is clean and are still suffering from adult acne, you may need to consider seeking medical advise. This way a doctor might be able to prescribe you medication to reduce your acne, if it is severe. Ensure you are performing a good skin regime before seeking medical advise, however, as the basics are often the most important thing if they are missing.

‘Don’t just do your usual two second face wash’ – Dr. Sam

One mistake that males often make when it comes to washing their face is that they don’t actually spend enough time washing their face. The main tip when attempting to avoid adult acne is that when you are washing your face, make sure you are giving yourself a thorough wash, massage the skin when washing. A lot of men instead only give themselves a very quick two-second face wash.

However, you need to ensure you are washing your face for around 15-20 seconds and actually massage the face, don’t just do a two second wash like usual, as the oils in the skin are highly water resistant and won’t evaporate easily.  This is why it’s important to use a facial wash like the HOMMAGE Purify cleanser that is clinically designed to remove oils and dirt.

Hand’s off!

Also, another main way Dr. Sam recommended to prevent adult acne, is by avoiding touching your face. Face touching is a very common habit that many people have, if you sit in an airport lounge and just watch men as they wait for their gate to open you will notice how frequently they touch their face, and many don’t even realise they are doing it, explained Dr. Sam.

However, it is one of the most common ways to transfer all the bacteria from your hands and elsewhere, to your face, causing a breakout. Males are particularly bad at this because they have a tendency to touch their faces. Females, on the other hand, because they wear makeup often they are a lot better trained at not touching their faces.

So ensure you wash your face, for more than three seconds and avoid touching your face at all times, if your acne persists you can email Dr. Sam at and request his further medical advise. If you also have any other skin care queries, don’t be afraid to ask sam via the same email.

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