January 25, 2018

We asked men: Can a manly man wear makeup?

By Sophie Kelly In Hommage-Magazine

Last week we asked women: would you date a man who wears makeup? And their responses were liberal to the idea of men as a whole. However, when it came to men they were dating the women were less keen on the idea of them wearing anything more than natural makeup and they explained that they just wouldn’t be attracted to men who did so.

This week we asked men ‘Can a manly man wear makeup?’ And men, on the other hand, had a slightly different viewpoint on the matter. On a whole the men gave way shorter responses than the women with most responses beginning with ‘no’.

‘A manly man wouldn’t wear it’


Initial responses began with: ‘a manly man wouldn’t’, ‘men would look silly’ and ‘it would make men less manly’. However, one male confessed that he believes men should be able to pamper themselves behind closed doors by using face masks and lotions and that is acceptable. Another male agreed that men should be confident in the face that they have and that looking after your skin behind closed doors is a different matter altogether. Your skin is your largest organ and so should be looked after especially as we begin to age, however, he believes: ‘wearing makeup is very different to moisturising’ and he believes it is ridiculous for men to wear it.

Another said he believes that men would look silly wearing makeup but it is ok if they are on stage performing while another disagrees with the idea but says that in history it was the done thing for men to wear makeup.

Another male said that men should embrace the fact that they’re men and thats what defines them as a man, men like to be raw and tough and they shouldn’t care about makeup; whereas girls should be able to wear makeup to hide their imperfections. One male also said that it depends on the guy and how they use the makeup, it just depends on each man’s views. He believes that 90% of men wouldn’t use makeup but some may in movie settings or on stage.

Men do wear makeup, we just turn a blind eye to it

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With a fairly different view one male suggested that only men in fact do often wear makeup, we just seem to turn a blind eye to it. This male explained that our conceptions of masculinity are often socially constructed. Ironically, those whom we consider to be paragons of masculinity, are often male celebrities or cover models who wear makeup frequently. He believes that make-up is stigmatised for men; however, many men that are idealised as manly men and alpha males (reality TV stars, movie stars) do in fact wear makeup themselves.

One man however, said that if you use a moisturiser with SPF and a light tint type concealer that can cover razor burn or dark circles but in a discreet way, then he believes that this is fine. It’s the keeping it discreet thats the hard part. He believes a lot of men would actually use a product if it were to cover up imperfections, however, it needs to be discreet. It would be a big solution for men with a busy lifestyle who wish to look well groomed.

Some leading global pharmaceutical grade skincare companies, offer a slightly tinted moisturiser with SPF and this is a big seller specifically in America. It also has a matte effect that reduces oily skin and evens out the skin tone. Once I informed another male of this product and he then said that ‘he wouldn’t mind trying the ZO tinted moisturiser now he knows what it is and what it does’. Which shows that those who at first doubt ever using a form of makeup, may be swayed by a sort of tinted moisturiser.

So subtle and natural products seem to be the only current way forward for men to begin wear makeup. For more: sign up to the HOMMAGE locker room at: https://hommage.com/login

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