November 7, 2017

Get winter ready

By Sophie Kelly In Hommage-Magazine

After experiencing the coldest night since early April last Thursday, we were hit with the realisation that winter is close approaching and the cold will definitely be joining us this year. We also learnt that this winter will be the coldest in five years. Here Hommage is offering a guide on how to get winter ready, in order to ease yourself into the upcoming chilly months.age defence lotion hommage winter ready

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Just like all the animals that entered hibernation last month, what you can do is begin to get winter ready and set your body up, ready to fight and avoid illness. These five tips may actually stop you comfort eating and drinking as much as usual and could also benefit your appearance and mental health:

  1. Protect your skin

  2. Boost your vitamin levels

  3. Tackle winter blues

  4. Watch your weight

  5. Avoid cold and flu

1.  Protect your skin 

As the cold weather sets in the winter air reduces the natural moisture in your skin, leading to dry, flaking and red skin. Those that are prone to eczema and rosacea may also notice an increase in symptoms over winter.

In winter you should be washing your face in lukewarm water as opposed to hot water. I know its difficult but lukewarm water will strip less of the oils away from there skin. Afterwards, you will need to moisturise with a natural cream-based product, such as the HOMMAGE Fortify Face Moisturiser that provides a hydrating barrier that also wont block your pores. This will retain water in the skin and soothe dry, itchy areas and ensure your skin is winter ready. Also pair this with the HOMMAGE anti-age defence lotion. This will gently penetrate the epidermal skin barrier, to promote moisture retention and elasticity.

2.  Boost your Vitamin levels

During the winter months when hours of daylight are sufficiently lowered, vitamin D synthesis remains low. A vitamin D deficiency can lead to brittle bones, diabetes, heart disease and certain forms of cancer.

The lack of sunlight that we constantly face in the U.K means that getting our Vitamin D naturally may prove difficult. Luckily, many vitamin D supplements now exist that are safe and cost effective. Holland and Barrett in particular offer a range of Vitamin D tablets and even oral sprays.

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3. Tackle winter blues in order to get winter ready

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a common form of depression that many of us suffer from on different levels. One reason we may feel low in winter is due to a lack of Vitamin D, a lack of warmth and lack of social activity in comparison to summer.

As I mentioned before, there are Vitamin supplements you can take to boost your Vitamin D levels. Alternatively, an easy way to increase your Vitamin D is to go for a walk for around 20 minutes a day. Do this when there is the most daylight, perhaps whilst on your lunch break. Not only will the daylight be good for your mind, but the fresh air will be extremely valuable for your respiratory system.

Studies have also previously shown that feeling cold actually evokes sad feelings. These studies often show that subjects whom are placed in cold conditions evaluate situations as significantly worse than those who are placed in warm conditions. Ensure you are wrapping up this winter and put your body heat first, use electric blankets and radiators to keep your temperature and spirits high.

Don’t hibernate. The lack of sudden beer garden outings and rooftop mini golf shouldn’t mean you cant take the activities inside. Although it may be comforting to stay in by the fire over the weekend, the lack of social activity can eventually take its toll on you. German Christmas markets are particularly popular across the U.K, including Winter Wonderland that will be in London from the 17th November – 1st January.

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4. Watch your weight 

With Christmas dinner approaching and the prospect of nobody seeing your beach body for a while, it may be tempting to indulge in all the pies available. However, stress can also lead you to gain weight so there are actually many health risks behind your Crimbo devouring.

Make an effort to workout for at least 30 minutes twice weekly. Even by swimming or doing an activity that you enjoy your body will thank you hugely. Consider joining a gym such as the Bannatyne gyms that offer gym areas and also leisurely relaxing elements within their spas.

5. Avoid cold and flu

Particularly, if you’re commuting to and from work you will be more likely to catch colds and flu. When it is winter your immune system becomes suppressed, and therefore flu viruses often thrive in colder temperatures.

One best way to get winter ready and avoid flu is to get a flu shot. However, also ensure you are washing your hands regularly and keep them away from your face during the day. Also, you should be increasing your Vitamin C intake, and avoiding antibiotics as they’re useless against viruses.

These tips are just five ways we think you should get into the habit of ensuring you are winter ready. Sign up to HOMMAGE, to immediately uncover tips, tricks and free product. 



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