February 6, 2018

Manscaping tips that you’ll regret not knowing

By Sophie Kelly In Hommage-Magazine

Manscaping. It is a lot more complex, if you want to avoid an embarrassing rash and excruciating pain, than you may think. In a study in 2014, 50% of women said they prefer their partner to be hair-free. There’s something inherently terrifying about pointing a blade at your most sensitive of body parts. So before you delve into the process, we’d suggest you follow our manscaping tips on how to properly shave below the belt, without messing up.

Manscaping tips – Always pre-trim 

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Unless you are a regular shaver, you’ll probably need to trim using clippers rather than going straight in with a razor, that could be quite painful that could cause you a lot more skin irritations such as razor burn or itching. If the hairs are long and stubborn they can cause very painful cuts if not tackled properly. Its also it’s a lot more likely to suffer from ingrown hairs, as the hair down there is a lot coarser and has more curl to it, which means the hair can easily curl back into the skin.

Trim to a short length but not to the actual surface of the skin. Also don’t multitask with your tools, use a smallish pair of scissors that are designated solely for your pubic hairs. That means avoid using scissors that you might cut anything else with, and wipe the scissors down before using so that you avoid developing infection such as fungi.

Manscaping tips – Make sure you use the correct tools

This very delicate job isn’t just one for a razor alone, you’ll need a few extra items of equipment. You’ll need a priming oil, such as the HOMMAGE Prime Pre-Shave Oil that has white truffle extract to soften the hairs while keeping the area moist, readying the hairs before shaving. This then needs to be followed by a shave cream such as the HOMMAGE Perform Shave Cream and follow with the HOMMAGE Soothe balm to calm the sensitive area after shaving.

Whereas for razors, the HOMMAGE Safety razor has a single blade and so will give you a closer shave, depending on how close you want the shave, the HOMMAGE Verona Travel Razor gives you a better angled shave. Also depending on your skin, the more blades the better so the HOMMAGE Manhattan Razor is perfect for that.

Manscaping tips – Get wet 

Definitely do not shave your pubes while they’re dry! Wait until you’ve taken a warm shower as this will also make the process smoother and less abrasive so that you are less likely to cut yourself. The warm temperature will also soften the skin and the hairs.

Also, without stating an obvious, showering will also make your nuts hang loose, which will help you to pass a razor over the skin. At the same time, make sure you search for any unusual lumps and bumps due to risk of testicular cancer.

Manscaping tips – Don’t forget to moisturise


One way to avoid irritation, and itching, after shaving is to apply a moisturiser. The reason you want to scratch so badly is due to the sensitive nature of your skin in that area.

You can easily prevent that feeling with a dose of post-shave moisturising balm such as the HOMMAGE Soothe Balm and if you want some extra smoothness also opt for a small amount of the HOMMAGE Fortify Face Moisturiser these two products will help reduce the itching and ease and irritation.

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