January 3, 2018

How to stick to your New Year resolutions

By Sophie Kelly In Hommage-Magazine

Finally here it is, the one time of the year we can all declare and believe that we are going to become a bigger, better version of our 2017 selves, the New Year. Dry January has begun and this year Veganuary is joining alongside it. Whether your new motto is to ‘get in shape’, ’progress at work’ or even to spend more time doing the things you enjoy, everyone has a few New Year resolutions they want to make happen.

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How to stick to your New Year resolutions

It can often sound clichè with a predictable ending, however, this year we at HOMMAGE believe that 2018 could be the year for all of us, the year everyone can make a difference. With that in mind, here’s our short guide on how to stick to some of the most common New Year resolutions this year. Or at least until the 1st of February.

Getting in shape.

Firstly, the obvious, join a gym if you haven’t already. The internet is currently littered with January gym deals including no joining fees or free passes to get you in shape for 2017. Virgin Active is currently offering a no-joining fee for those joining in January and you also gain a free month when you sign up to a 12 month membership. Nuffield Health is also offering a free one-day pass and a ‘join in January pay nothing until February’ offer. Members of Nuffield Health get access to clubs in multiple locations along with regular ‘Health MOTs’.

Research by psychologist Becky Spelman, who works in Harley Street, claims that one of the best psychological ways to encourage your friends and family to stay motivated when trying to tone their waistline, is to compliment them. Dr. Spelman says that being told by people that you’re looking good, once you have begun working out, is the best way to ensure you continue to put the effort in at the gym.

‘Research shows positive feedback is far more useful compared to when poor performance is pointed out’ 

  • Dr. Spelman

Taking more pride in your appearance.

New Year resolutions

For men, this can often seem like one of the less important New Year resolutions. However, as we begin to age, sticking to a solid skincare routine and using products that fight against premature ageing is almost as important as keeping fit.

Particularly when shaving, many of us can often forget to apply proper products before and after pulling the blade across our very delicate skin. Our essential is the HOMMAGE Perform Shave Cream, which is a rich cream designed to promote cellular repair, replenish moisture and reduce irritation caused by shaving. Another item that many men overlook initially that may actually save themselves countless rashes and breakouts, is the HOMMAGE Soothe Shave Balm. Soothe provides instant hydration post-shave and gently exfoliates to reveal a younger, healthier complexion.

When it comes to age defence products, you tend to pay for value and the most effective products are often the higher priced products. The HOMMAGE Rescue Age Defence Lotion is a splash serum that works to regenerate new cells and moisturise the skin.

Stopping smoking. 

Despite the constant rise in cigarette prices quitting smoking is still one of the most common New Years resolutions, studies show. The NHS’ website offers a variety of serious ways to stop yourself from smoking in the New Year.

One interesting solution is ‘Prescribed Quit Smoking Medication’, this involves the use of non-nicotine medication, such as nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), bupropion (Zyban) and varenicline (Champix) that are only available on prescription from a doctor.

Another option suggested by the NHS is to cut down to quit, this involves reducing the amount you smoke as you move towards a quit date. They describe this as ‘a bit like taking the slow lane, you’ll still reach your destination, but the journey might seem a little easier.’

Progressing at work.

New Year resolutions

Most people spend their life wondering how they can progress more rapidly in their professional position, however, becoming more active outside of work is the only way to actually ensure you will progress.

One option we suggest will help you progress is finding yourself a mentor, a mentor can help you identify and work on the skills you need to succeed at work. Knowing your industry inside and out is also an important way to keep up to date with whats needed from yourself, especially in a fast paced role. Networking is also one of the best ways to meet people and make connections throughout your industry you’ll also hear about new opportunities and get yourself better known in your field.

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What ever your New Year resolutions may be, just ensure you start small, change one behaviour at a time and reward yourself once you do achieve one of your goals. To find out more about how to stick to your New Year resolution, sign up to our weekly newsletter by becoming an HOMMAGE locker member: https://hommage.com/login


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