January 29, 2018

Post-workout skincare tips

By Sophie Kelly In Hommage-Magazine

Although going to the gym may be very good for your skin if you are sat in the steam room or sauna, working out can actually damage your skin badly if you don’t perform a correct skincare routine. Breaking a sweat after a workout can actually cause acne flare-ups and clogged pores.

If you aren’t giving your skin a correct refreshing wash after you workout, then your face will be physically covered in bacteria built up from your own sweat.


After working out your heart rate increasingly rises, and the body sweats as a reaction to cool you down. Proper hydration will also regulate your body temperature and lubricates your joints,

So don’t only drink water while you workout but also afterwards as your body loses a lot of moisture and so you will need to continue hydrating yourself and replace the lost fluids post-workout if you want your skin to completely recover.

After your workout 

Pre-workout you should wash your face otherwise the dead skin already on your face will clog up your pores once you begin sweating. Then immediately after your workout do the same. This is even more important as leaving bodily fluids, dirt and oil on your face will affect your pH level and clog your pores.

To get a deep clean that will actually reach inside your pores to remove stubborn oils, we recommend the HOMMAGE Purify Face Cleanser. If you really want to give yourself a fresh layer of skin after the last one is covered in oil then a product such as the hommage cleanser is a cooling gel-based face wash that will rid you of those hard to get dead skin cells. Also wash in tepid water and end with a few splashes of cool water as this will close your pores after they have dilated to release sweat.

Don’t avoid moisturiser

Although your skin may feel moisturised when its sweaty after the gym, you will still need to lather on the moisturiser after washing to replenish your skin post-workout.

We suggest the HOMMAGE Fortify Face Moisturiser that replenishes without clogging your pores but also is light enough to absorb easily into your skin.

Don’t touch!

One very important tip to remember is not to touch your skin until you have washed your hands. Touching the same machines and equipment as everyone else that day will spread a huge amount of bacteria on to your skin.

Also if you have longer hair try and pin it out of the way of your face. Especially if your hair is full of product as this could add further bacteria to your skin, causing breakouts.

Carefully dry your face

Pat your face dry, rather than rubbing it dry with a towel. Using a towel can often irritate your skin, especially if your face becomes red when you workout. Also, don’t completely dry your face, let the air dry it naturally, to avoid drying your skin out.

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