January 30, 2018

How to reduce dark circles around your eyes

By Sophie Kelly In Hommage-Magazine

Dark circles are one common skincare issues that both men and women of all ages worry about. Luckily for women, use of concealer and foundation can brighten the under-eye area a significant amount so that it is less of an insecurity. However, for men, unless you are partial to the use of mens makeup, covering up dark circles needs to be gone about in a more subtle way, targeting the actual root cause of dark circles.

In this article we will offer some of the main ways you can stop dark circles in their tracks and some natural ways that you can attempt to reduce them.

Ways to reduce Dark circles: 

UV Protection

The number one thing to remember is UV protection on the delicate under-eye area, UV radiation can result in worsened pre-existing dark circles. So everyday, and particularly when the sun is out, wear SPF around the eye area and also opt for high quality sunglasses that will filter out the radiation effectively.

However, there are also two very useful additional benefits to wearing SPF that aren’t linked to just UV protection. One is that just applying a small amount of light moisturising sun screen should instantly brighten up your under eye, without having to use any type of mens makeup or concealer. Another benefit is, while we don’t encourage people to sunbathe, however for a lot of people when they begin to tan in the warmer weather, and their under-eye is especially protected from the sun, then their skin tone should begin to even out. This is due to the colour of your dark under-eyes circles becoming closer to the shade of rest of your face as your face becomes increasingly bronzed.


dark circles eye gel

Another important element that some men may overlook when it comes to dark circles is: Skincare. Switch up your usual routine that might be too harsh for the delicate under-eye area and swap it for something more gentle and hydrating.

HOMMAGE offer two hydrating eye serums. One is the Awaken Eye Serum, this serum targets dark circles, under eye puffiness and wrinkles and is infused with energy boosting caffeine, targeting the skin cells directly.

The second eye serum is the HOMMAGE silver label: Rejuvenate. Rejuvenate refreshes the under eye area and uses astringent compounds that naturally lift and tight the skin, to reduce under eye bags.


Diet is also increasingly important if you want to look your best. Salty foods will dehydrate you as well as alcohol, which will make your eyes look puffy and will worsen your dark circles.

Instead, eat food that is vitamin C rich, as it is ascorbic acid and helps your body produce more collagen. Collagen is a protein in your body that keeps your skin healthy and hydrated. Particularly vitamin C rich foods to look out for are: yellow and red peppers, kale, strawberries, blueberries, peas, tomatoes, oranges, broccoli, cauliflower and lemons.

Tea bags

An old wives tale that actually works when it comes to under eye circles is placing cold tea bags under your eyes. Preferably a chamomile or green tea and soak it in warm water and then okay it in a freezer and place them over your eyes. The caffeine in the tea contains natural tennis and is a mild diuretic. do this for five minutes regularly and you’ll see a considerable difference in how bright your eyes look and feel.


dark circles sleeping

It of course sounds like the most obvious and basic solution, however, lack of sleep is indeed the root cause of worsening your dark circles. Lack of sleep results in lacklustre skin and a sallow complexion. Eight hours is the recommended amount of time you should be snoozing for each night and also avoid drinking too much alcohol before going to bed. As alcohol, and also caffeine that you’ll need if you don’t get enough sleep, can cause dehydration, making dark circles more prominent.

Sleep on your back 

While on the topic of sleep, one less known tip is actually to try and sleep on your back at night and with an extra pillow. Though this doesn’t sound too comfortable, it will stop fluid from building up under your eyelids over night, which causes them to look puffy. Also try and keep your pillow protected from allergens using a protective encasement.

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