January 10, 2018

How to solve the most common skincare issues

By Sophie Kelly In Hommage-Magazine

Often skincare issues can make one feel rather embarrassed and isolated when dealing with such worries that constantly rosy cheeks or exceedingly large pores are in fact uncommon. So we’ve taken just a couple of the most common facial problems that all of us have to deal with, to make you realise that you’re not alone and also to uncover some of the best ways of how to fix these skincare issues.

Skincare issues: Large pores 

Pores are micro openings within the surface of the skin through which moisturising oils are released to nourish the skin. However, when pores are noticeably large, many people dislike the look of their pores and they can also lead to further skincare issues. Particularly before you get wrinkles your pores will start to increase, they also sag due to UV damage. Pollution and your skin’s natural oil and skin cell production will also stretch out your pores over the years.

How to fix: Large pores

If you truly want to reduce the size of your pores you need to be cleaning out and tightening your pores to ensure that they aren’t able to hold as much oil. The HOMMAGE Rescue: Age Defence lotion Serum strengthens and firms the skin and the salicylic acid within the serum actually dissolves the oils in your pores. An exfoliating product, such as the HOMMAGE Refine Exfoliating Mask can soothe away surface dullness.

For a more drastic approach to reducing pores, a Cosmetic Dermatologist will be able to recommend effective treatments such as Isolaz, which is a laser procedure that actually vacuums our your pores and kills bacteria, which also gets rid of pore-stretching acne.

Skincare issues: Rosacea 

skincare issues

That facial redness that many people with fair skin suffer from rather frequently, is in fact a skincare issue and it does have a medical name; Rosacea. Often accompanied by swelling, rosacea can appear at any age. Rosacea usually develops slowly at first and then appears periodically as a facial flush, and if left untreated, it will get worse over time.

How to fix: Rosacea 

If the reality of constantly looking like you’ve seen off far too many whiskeys makes you particularly self conscious, a Cosmetic Dermatologist can effectively treat rosacea with prescription medication, facial skin treatments and laser therapy. However, looking after your skin is important too, other prevention tactics include wearing SPF, avoiding certain foods and avoid touching/rubbing your delicate face too often. Also avoid using products on the skin that contain alcohol as this will often worsen skincare issues.

Skincare issues: Dark under-eye circles

skincare issues

Dark under-eye circles are another one of the particularly common skincare issues that are hereditary but dark circles can also be caused by many external factors. These include: lack of sleep, allergies, having a poor diet and frequent unprotected sun exposure.

How to fix: Dark under-eye circles

So since your packed up schedule isn’t going to suddenly change, reversing this underlying cause can often help to reduce dark under-eye circles. So eat more nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables, drink two litres of water a day and consider cycling to work rather than catching public transport. This will not only reduce those dark bags but it will also increase your health as a whole.

Your cosmetic dermatologist can also provide treatments that can reduce or eliminate the discolouration of persistent and dark under-eye circles. If you’re really open to a quick fix, place a couple thin, cool slices of cucumber over your tired lids. No one will ever know.

Skincare issues: Wrinkles 

skincare issues

The fact is it’s a part of getting older, showing the emotions you’ve expressed whilst on your life journey. But enough with the theoretical magic behind wrinkles, the truth is we all want to reduce those laughter lines that occur as the years go by. Your skin thins out and loses its elasticity, the skin then naturally folds in areas, providing lines and wrinkles, which become more and more permanent as time goes on.

How to fix: Wrinkles

As per usual, exposure to sun, smoking and a bad diet can encourage the effect of wrinkles, making skin sometimes appear older than it is. There are some facial massage techniques you can practise regularly to try and reduce wrinkles, however, a cosmetic dermatologist will prescribe professional skincare products, such as the HOMMAGE Rejuvenate: Silver Label Eye Gel and the HOMMAGE Fortify Silver Label Moisturiser these products will nourish and rejuvenate the skin. Use this moisturiser every day and night, to avoid dry skin which turns plump, healthy skin cells into shrivelled cells, which that create fine lines and wrinkles. It’s even important now for men in their 20s and 30s to begin taking good care of their skin to prevent the onset of wrinkles.

Skincare issues: Razor burn 

Razor burn could mean a red face and sore, uncomfortable skin for a couple of hours after shaving or it could result in a full-blown rash with pimples and blisters the lot. Your desired shaving technique itself is no longer likely to be to blame if you’ve been shaving for the past 10 years, we’re hoping you’ll have got the hang of it by now.

How to fix: Razor burn

However, the products you use when shaving could have a huge impact on how your skin reacts. We recommend using a shave oil before shaving, such as the HOMMAGE Prime Pre Shave Oil to soften the hair before shaving. We then recommend using the HOMMAGE Perform Shave Cream, followed by the HOMMAGE Soothe Shave balm to soothe the skin after shaving and reduce your chances of getting razor burn. Also use new, sharp razor blades every time you shave and shave with the grain of the hair.

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