August 10, 2018

The perfect gift for Men who care about their appearance

By Sophie Kelly In Hommage-Magazine

The HOMMAGE replenishment kits are the perfect gift for men who care about their appearance but that would like the ease of products coming straight to their door. The plans are billed monthly and the products arrive every 60 days. You can switch, pause or cancel at anytime and on most plans you will be saving around 70% of the total basket value of each individual product. 


Silver label replenishment plan 

Our Silver Label replenishment Kit offers six essential Face cafe and Shave care products along with a choice of two razors, the feather double edge razor or the Verona razor. The kit is designed to last a minimum of 60 days of proper shaving and be the complete shaving ritual for that time. You’ll also save 70% off the total basket value of all products put together as it’s £50.00 per month. 

This plan includes the Products and razor platform, which is a two-sided ‘product tray’ that tastefully holds the razor or 3 products precisely in place. It also includes styptic match sticks, Eau de Towellete, Prime Pre shave oil, Soothe shave balm and Rejuvenate Eye Gel. The Rejuvenate Eye Gel comes in the 28ml travel size and reduces the bags under the eyes with its astringent compounds that lift and tighten the skin.


Premium shave care monthly plan 

The premium shave care plan includes six essential products to complete a ritual for 60 days and costs £40. This includes the Manhattan razor that is Scratch resistant with a rubber foot and laser engraved HOMMAGE logo, it also doubles as a travel razor.

It also includes the Perform Shave Cream, Soothe Shave Balm, Product and razor platform, styptic match sticks, Pre shave oil and Gillette Mach 3 single razor blades that are in a pack of five and are designed by Wolfgang for the HOMMAGE razor handles.  


Face care monthly plan  

This also contains 6 essential products, a complete ritual for 60 days and cost £30. This kit includes the Purify, Face Cleanser which is composed of active ingredients that renew the texture of the skin and flush out dirt and residue and it comes in the 120ml home size.  

It also includes the Fortify Face Moisturiser in 20ml travel size, which was formulated to lightly hydrate and soothe skin that undergoes daily shaving. This kit also includes samples, a product and razor platform, Eau de towellete and the awaken eye serum. 


Shave care monthly plan

This also includes six essential products, a complete ritual for 60 days and costs £30. Six products, one ritual. It includes the Perform shave cream which is a rich cream designed to promote cellular repair, replenish moisture and reduce irritation and comes in a 120ml home size.

It also includes the travel size shave balm of 20ml, which includes a highly technical combination of natural actives and advanced sillicones and creates an unrivalled barrier that provides instant relief and locks in moisture for the entire day. It also includes the product and razor platform, styptic match sticks, feather double edge blades and pre shave oil. 


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