February 9, 2018

Whats the best way to shave your chest?

By Sophie Kelly In Hommage-Magazine

Did you know that only 6% of men in the UK have completely hair-less chests? If you want to join these men, but are unfortunately not blessed with a hair-less chest, then we have the guide to make sure you do it correctly (rash-free we mean).

Whether you want to show off your muscles, have a torso-of-the-week style chest or just prefer everything being groomed and tidy down in that area, then shaving your chest is the best option for you. Shaving is not only the least painful option and gives you the most control, but it can also be the easiest solution, once you know how to do it correctly.

Shaving in the incorrect way, however, could in fact leave you with a shaving rash and razor burn that may keep you buttoned up for quite a while. So read our guide on how to get a smooth, sensual chest in no time at all.

Use clippers

One important tip is to use clippers, either before shaving to reduce the amount of hair that needs to be shaved or to keep things tidy and neat after shaving.

The process is also a lot easier after you have trimmed the hair back, use hair clippers or if you don’t have any, a pair of well sanitised scissors will do the job. Trim as short as you can and then get in a warm shower as damp hair is a lot easier to shave.

Invest in a good razor 


If you want to stay well groomed or just help show your muscles off, it is essential that you’re using the right products and tools. Ensure that you invest in a high-quality razor and use fresh blades almost every time you shave. The HOMMAGE Feather safety razor is the best for the chest as its better for sculpting, e.g. around your nipples.

How to shave

Once you have the right razor and you have warmed-up your chest area from the shower, apply the HOMMAGE Pre-shave oil beforehand to lessen drag and resistance from the razor, as the chest is an area that is not often shaved and so will become damaged if not handled correctly.

Afterwards, apply a fairly generous amount of shaving cream, the HOMMAGE Shave Cream is brilliant for priming the hair before shaving due to all of the natural active ingredients it contains. Which is a lot better than using shaving foams or gels, as products such as these can often dry out the skin.

Once you begin shaving, with your fresh blade begin to shave in small, slow, gentle strokes. Ensure you shave with the grain of the hair, as this area isn’t shaved regularly and so can result in rashes or ingrown hairs if suddenly hacked at. After each stroke, wash the razor to ensure it is clean, and to avoid the blade becoming clogged up and causing nicks or cuts.

Aftercare Avoid rashes + ingrown hairs

Finally, the part that many men often miss, that can result in some seriously bumpy chest action, aftercare. As the skin and hair on your chest is not usually used to being shaved, this area will often break out in an unattractive-bumpy shaving rash.

To avoid this, rinse your chest thoroughly after shaving and then apply the HOMMAGE Soothe Balm to completely reduce your chances of suffering from any shaving rashes. Leave the Soothe Balm to dry for half an hour, whilst you get something else sorted. Then after 30 minutes apply the HOMMAGE moisturiser as this contains a high-quality formula that will soothe your skin even further.

Also, if you want to avoid painful ingrown hairs as the hair begins to grow back, you’ll need to exfoliate your chest twice a week using a scrub.

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