May 23, 2016


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HOMMAGE creates the first straight-edge razor in the world to employ the legendary Damascus steel. Retailing for £21,000, HOMMAGE gifts the coveted straight-edge to individuals investing £50,000 in HOMMAGE crowd funding campaign.

Only two people on earth are able to hand-forge Damascene steel razors. Therefore, owning a Damascene razor is much more than owning a beautiful piece of design, though it is most certainly that. To own this razor is to become part of an exclusive group of gentlemen who can experience a shave from materials manufactured so rarely. The distinctive folds of 128 layers of Damascene steel sit in a platinum sheath that radiates luxury and quality. The Damascene razor is the perfect shaving companion for the most esteemed and stylish modern man.


Damascus steel can be traced back to India and Sri Lanka as early as 300 BC where skillful metal smiths developed a technique to produce steel referred to as wootz steel. The unique steel, crafted by mixing in glass with iron and charcoal before heating, has an unusually high level of purity. This ancient and tested technique evolved and slowly made its way to the Middle East between 900 AD and 1,000 AD. The name of Damascus is often attributed to the steel swords made in the vicinity of Damascus, Syria and first gained its mythical reputation during the Crusades by solving the dilemma of producing blades hard enough to last through countless battles while maintaining their sharpness, but malleable enough not to break upon striking. Modern metallurgy has revolutionized the Damascus steel – a lamination of folded steels are now selected with cosmetic qualities, ground and polished to specifically expose the layers of swirling.


Damascus steel is meticulously crafted by layering molten steel on top of the former and pounding and grinding each layer until the two have merged into one sharp, thin slice. Finally, the steel is meticulously etched and polished to reveal the unique swirling formed by the many layers that attest to its superior craftsmanship. Ancient metallurgy remains the most fascinating part of the development process of the Damascene. The lamination of folded steels are engineered with cosmetic qualities, grounded and polished to specifically expose the layers of swirling patterns in the metal, making each piece of Damascus steel completely inimitable and unique.


The HOMMAGE Damascene Razor features a blade unparalleled in its durability, sharpness and execution. Combining the superior craftsmanship of the legendary metal smiths in ancient times with modern metallurgy, Damascus steel embraces the best qualities of hard steel and malleable steel – hard enough to maintain its sharpness despite frequent use, while being soft enough to endure sudden impact.

Damascene 1


Plated in precious and rare platinum, the HOMMAGE Damascene Razor is exceptionally
pristine in appearance with a silvery-white sheen that will never oxidize nor tarnish. Inherently pure and hypoallergenic, the HOMMAGE sheath is pre-treated with a layer of platinum palladium, a precious form of platinum, to add an incredibly luxurious and lustrous finish.

Damascene 2 


An identifying number of owner authenticity is etched on the lustrous, and precious platinum sheath. Signed by HOMMAGE renowned European designer, Wolfgang Joennson.

Certificate of Authenticity


To complete the gift of superior quality, exquisite presentation and the HOMMAGE experience, the legendary Damascene Razor is presented in an Italian lacquered Tanzanian wood box which encases the razor, a leather strop with the signature HOMMAGE logo, and a complimentary grooming experience with a world-renowned HOMMAGE-certified master barber in the city of the man’s choice.

Damascene 3

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