May 26, 2016

Find out what she’s giving him for Father’s Day…

By The HOMMAGE Man In stubble

The door bell rings.  It’s a special delivery for him. . . Love, her.

He opens the package.  Inside he finds an elegant but mysterious looking black box.  The black box feels sleek in material, oozing a sultry temptation of what it holds inside.   He feels around the box in search of its discreet opening and sees the embossed silver letters:  HOMMAGE

“Ah”, he smiles, “clever.”  The black box opens from its front panel.  Flipping its front panel upward, he feels the hint of a magnetic attraction as he lifts the material to reveal more black boxes inside– each of a different size–fit tightly together like a Rubik’s cube puzzle.  With anticipation, he works his fingers around the first box that captures his eye… finding HOMMAGE Pre Shave Oil: PRIME.  Without hesitation, he slaps the ultra-luxurious preparatory oil onto his face…feeling his beard whiskers softening…and then heightened…standing erect for what comes next.

[“Stubborn stubble and sensitive skin are no match for the luxurious priming of the beard and face with HOMMAGE pre-shave oil.”] – Cayman Compass What’s Hot

His eyes continue to wander, stopping on yet another black box bedding a 120ml capsule of HOMMAGE Shave Cream: PERFORM.  He hovers a brief moment, needing to take in the rich cream he knows his face craves:  cellular repair, moisture replenish and reduced irritation. “Yes”, he sighs, “finally.”

[“Unlike most shave creams that leave his skin dry, the HOMMAGE shave cream actually leaves skin smooth and hydrated.” – Colin Cowie Weddings]

He’s ready to go deeper.  Grabbing the voluptuously curvy shaped box that seems a little distant to the other intimate boxes, he finds himself face-to-face with a modern version of a nostalgic double edge razor. “At last”, he lingers. “The HOMMAGE Feather Double-Edge Razor.”  He stares at the vision of precise Japanese engineering, innovation and craftsmanship.  Salivating over its resin-wood handle finish, he brings its sharp surgical steel blade, securely fastened to its razor’s edge, just above his mouth to feel its first stroke. Time stands still.  Lost in a reverie, he finishes his final stroke. He will cherish his new razor– knowing that it’s the one-and-only– and that HOMMAGE will keep the relationship fresh by shipping new Feather blades– the sharpest surgical steel blades–just when the relationship needs replenished.

It’s at that very moment, when he feels enticed to explore the box snuggling along side PERFORM. Touching it, he unveils it to discover HOMMAGE Shave Balme: SOOTHE.  “28ml of  instant relief to my skin irritation and moisture locked-in for the entire day”, he gasps.  And, he begins to fantasize about her and the day that awaits the two of them.  Up close and…………, STOP!

There are more entangled black boxes to explore.  And, almost like a magic Ouija board, his fingers are pulled towards…

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