How to look after your skin while you travel

Travel may well broaden the mind, but there’s no doubt it can play havoc on one’s skin. Changing climates, air-conditioned lounges, aeroplane cabins and train carriages, as well as the inevitable lack of sleep and stress which comes with long-distance travel, will all take their toll on our face. The lack of humidity in air-conditioned environments (most aeroplane cabins sit at around 20 percent humidity, and our skin is generally happiest between 40 and 70) causes a lack of hydration, which causes dry skin. For those with naturally oleaginous complexions, this can also lead to more oily skin when flying, as the body attempts to counteract the dryness and make up for moisture loss. A cruel combination.

Travel prep: Lock in the moisture

With reasonable preparation, however, there are easy fixes to the above issues. As well as ensuring you stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water when in the air, (try to avoid alcohol and coffee, too, as they will dehydrate) it is key to moisturise your face prior to and during long travels in order to give your skin the best chance to recover. HOMMAGE’s Face Moisturizer will help lock in moisture to alleviate any feelings of tightness and dryness. Try their convenient travel size. 
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Travel prep: Cleanse

As well as the aforementioned oiliness, it is likely when travelling that your skin will attract a lot of dirt. In all likelihood you will not be able to shower en route, so ensuring your face does not accumulate a lot of dirt and grease is vital to healthy and clean looking skin, it will also reduce your chances of having adult acne breakouts. Use the HOMMAGE Purify Face Cleanser, a cleanser which will renew the texture of the skin and flush out dirt and residue before moisturising.
Face Cleanser - Purify 28ml, Face Care
Long distance travellers may also experience puffiness on arrival, which is down to water retention from the inevitable inactivity of sitting for 8 hours and eating in-flight snacks. This can be alleviated by moving around during the flight or light exercise on arrival. Stretching will of course help, or instead of using the travelator, opt for a brisk walk out with your luggage.

The ultimate travel set

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However, one main issue with looking after your skin when travelling is that it's often difficult to carry various high-quality products on board with you when flying. That’s why at HOMMAGE we have created the ultimate travel set that can be put in your hand luggage without any hassle at security. Our travel set contains five of our finest Skin Care and Shave Care products into one: