My Hommage Home Spa

The world has changed and you may not have access currently to your favorite spa. Create your own bespoke Spa experience within the privacy, safety and comfort of your own residence…


My Hommage Home Spa


Hommage was initially created as an elite spa brand for the discerning gentleman and spa protocol is integral to our brand DNA.  We all have learned to incorporate spa visits as a vital component of our overall grooming routine and sense of well being and vitality. We propose that spa is not so much a place, as a state of mind:  rest, restore and renew. One’s most precious luxuries today are time, space and privacy and these are all important factors in setting up and outfitting your Hommage Home Spa.

First, select your favorite “decompression” music and set for long play within your personal spa sanctum.  Dim the lights for maximum relaxation and light your favorite candles to complete the aura of indulgence and peaceful calm.

Whether you have a bath or bath shower combo, we can maximize this essential element of relaxation and personal hygiene with Hommage product, bath accessories and your best towels for face and body. Towel weight and texture are a personal preference.  We favor the masculine but elegant Turkish style towel.  Good investment because they last a very long time!  We recommend the following cleansing products be placed in your bathing sanctum:

Exfoliating Mask: Refine.  Previously only available for professional use by spas, we are now offering this amazing product to you for essential home care.  Before the bath or shower, lightly apply this fluid mask to entire body, focusing particularly on feet, hands and apply last to face.This is a gentle, safe but very effective full body enzymatic exfoliation (avoid eye area and genitals).  You may massage this enzymatic product on feet and hands, and massage deeply into nails and cuticle beds for an amazing instant mani/pedi). Leave maximum of 20 minutes on body and 8-10 minutes on face. 

Prepare your bath/shower while exfoliant masque is working it’s magic. You will need Complete Cleanser: Purify. Into water that has been tested for pleasantly hot temperature between 90-105 F, pump three large pumps of Cleanser. This aromatic formula is ideal to cleanse and revitalize face and body. Be sure to remove all traces of exfoliator at this point.  You may also add one cup of unscented Epsom salts. This will enhance the toning and smoothing effect.  We prefer a small bar of unscented soap for hygienic cleansing of underarm and genitals.

Accessories make a huge difference. We particularly like our long-handled bamboo bath brush, assorted loofahs, and nail brush. The best thing to enhance the experience is a bath tray to keep everything organized and close at hand.  While you may linger in this aquatic comfort for an hour or more, make sure mobiles remain on silent mode in next room. No distractions please!  Make this the ideal time to hone your meditation skills.

Be sure to have your favorite beverage handy. Sip sparling water with lemon, green tea or indulge in a glass of champagne.

When you are ready to step from your bath, towel dry and apply few drops of our signature Age Defense Lotion: Rescue to face and throat, tapping with fingertips to penetrate well into the dermis. Next, slather your face and body generously with Face and Body Lotion: Fortify.  Smooth over skin, using long, sweeping strokes to cover face, neck, hands, feet and body, massage for 10-15 minutes.

Finally, don your favorite robe or pajama.  Don’t forget cotton socks to hold in the moisture.



In our continuing series of spa news, next time, we will explore The Perfect at Home Facial


Til then, wishing you the best of health and well-being.




Charles Terrance Hall - Hommage Global Brand Ambassador

An expert in luxury skincare development and the luxury spa market, Charles Terrence Hall is a well-known educator and advisor to the beauty and spa industries. Hall’s extensive knowledge comes from more than 30 years in the skincare and spa industries, working throughout the United States, Europe and Asia, collaborating with top spas and illustrious clients worldwide, including Guerlain, La Prairie, Decleor and June Jacobs Spa Collection


Charles resides in the USA and Thailand, leading the global business development for Hommage in collaboration with Japanese parent company Rohto Pharmaceutical, Osaka. Hommage is a luxury brand of bespoke shave equipment and gentlemen’s grooming products manufactured to the most exacting standards of quality and performance.