Tackling Sober September? Here's Why Your Skin Will Thank You

We have spoken previously on this blog about how to handle a hangover and discussed restorative skin processes to put in place after those big nights out. 

But with ‘Sober September’ upon us, abstinence is the name of the game. 

And at Hommage, we are all about the preventative approach. 

So if you’re struggling to steer clear of the sauce, here’s a bit of motivation in the form of all the reasons your skin will benefit from the booze break.

Smoother Colour

Ever noticed how blotchy your skin gets when you are drinking? 

Alcohol releases a histamine which inflames your bodily tissue and dilates your blood’s capillaries - hence the skin becoming red and patchy. Continuous overindulgence can go so far as damaging those surface blood vessels for good, resulting in an irreversible redness. Should you reach that point, the discussion turns from skincare to make-up as a solution. 

Shrunken Pores

Speaking of dilation, it’s not just the capillaries that are affected - alcohol also dilates the pores of your skin. Open pores = open doors...to grime and dirt.  Enter the blackheads and whiteheads which effectively turn heads (the other way).

Slimmer Face

We’re not talking about weight loss here; although if you take into account the amount of calories your regular alcohol intake adds up to over 30 days along with the extra energy that abstinence guarantees, it stands to reason that you will, of course, shed a couple of pounds. But just think about simple bloating. 

Why does drinking make your face puffy? 

Well, because alcohol is so dehydrating. So, to compensate, the body and particularly the skin, holds onto as much water as it can. 

The result is bloating in the face and elsewhere. Which leads us nicely on to…

Maximum Hydration

The most talked about effect of alcohol on the skin is dehydration. 

Thirsty skin becomes dry and flakey and the lack of moisture leads to premature signs of ageing such as wrinkles. Use this month to drench your skin both inside and out by taking in extra water and liberally applying moisturiser. 

Come October, you’ll be looking notably younger. 

Quality Sleep

Now not only are you looking younger, you’re feeling fresher too. 

Why? Because nothing disturbs the regenerative sleep cycle like alcohol. 

And lack of quality sleep means stressed out skin, as it causes the body to release cortisone leading to inflammation and break-outs. 

Plus, good rest just always makes you feel...rested. So you’re going to be fresh faced, bright eyed and ready for action.

Yes, since bars and restaurants re-opened their doors, the temptation to drink has been everywhere. And, even with the “rule of six”, we’re all enjoying the ability to socialise that bit more and the two (booze and buddies) often come hand in hand. 

But, before you slip off the wagon, remind yourself of the above. 

Suddenly that pint looks a lot less appealing, right?

Only a couple of weeks to go now guys. 

We’re rooting for you.