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Face Moisturizer - Fortify 120ml - Sale


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    (Expiry - 06/06/2020)

    Fortify was formulated to lightly hydrate and soothe skin that undergoes daily shaving.

    Patch technology locks in moisture throughout the day whilst delivering a  powerful and instant anti-irritant so over time skin is less sensitive to irritation caused by shaving.

    Enhances cellular repair, reduces sensitivity and fortifies the skin’s natural barrier. 


    HMPB1 - Our private blend of rare plant extracts soften and moisturize the skin, removing antioxidants and pollution.

    Cammomile (Matricaria Flower) Extract soothes and improves skin complexion by relieving inflammatory skin conditions. It also fights infection with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

    Parietaria Officinalis Extract is obtained from the leaves and stem of the 'Passionflower' contains anti-inflammatory properties useful in treating skin irritations due to acne breakouts.


    Apply Fortify when the face is completely dry after cleansing and before applying our Eye Serum: Awaken.

    Usually, 1-2 pumps, the quantity of moisturizer applied should depend on the climate and weather conditions. Harsh weather conditions require more moisturizer to protect the epidermal cell barrier throughout the day.

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