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Face Moisturizer - Fortify 500ml


  • Benefits
  • Key Ingredients
  • How To Use

    Lightly moisturizing lotion delivers powerful and instant anti-irritant so over time skin is less sensitive to irritation caused by shaving: Enhances cellular repair, reduces sensitivity and fortifies the skin’s natural barrier.

    A nickel-sized amount is sufficient to fully hydrate and protect the entire face. Designed with active ingredients to repair damaged cells. 

    Fortify can be used throughout the day but for best results, use directly after cleansing.

    DIPOTASSIUM GLYCYRRHIZATE works as an anti-inflammatory and hyper allergen ECTOIN proteins strengthen the natural defense of skin cells while increasing water retention and moisture.

    Apply Fortify after Shave Balm Soothe and when the face is completely dry (after getting dressed in the morning). 

    The quantity of Moisturizer applied should depend on the climate and weather conditions. Harsh weather conditions require more moisturizer to protect the epidermal cell barrier throughout the day.


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