Male Skin versus Female Skin

Contrary to popular belief, when it comes to creating skincare products for men, it’s really not just a case of redesigning the packaging of an existing female product so it’s more appealing to a masculine audience.

There really is no such thing as an effective unisex product. 

Quite simply, If it purports to be usable by both genders, each is sacrificing 50% of the potential benefits.


Because the entire structural make-up of the male and female skin is fundamentally different. Put simply, it all comes down to hormones.

Let’s dive into a few of the reasons why skincare is, and always will be, gender specific by looking at the unique biological features of the male versus female skin.



Male skin is, on average, 20% thicker than female skin. It has significantly higher levels of collagen to begin with and this collagen, while it does decrease throughout life, does so at a far slower and more consistent pace. Women’s skin loses thickness rapidly during and after menopause while, for men, it will lose collagen gradually and steadily with no major hormonal turning point to speed up the process. 

Ever wonder why there are so many more products out there for women? 

Yes, the fairer sex need to constantly adapt to ever-changing skin elasticity.

But for men, it’s simple. 

Find a product that you like and you’re set for life.




Thanks to the skin’s density, the ageing process is very different for both sexes. For men, visible signs of deterioration occur later in life. That said, when wrinkles do appear, they tend to deepen more quickly.

The area of the skin most prone to ageing in men is around the eyes. When this loses its elasticity, it sags and can often appear tired, no matter how much sleep you may have had. Puffiness is also a symptom of skin ageing around the eyes for men. And, whereas women use clever make-up tricks to cover a multitude of sins, often men don’t consider this an option. And it needn’t be.

This is why we encourage a preventative rather than reactive approach. 

Hommage’s eye serum is a hugely popular item in our collection and you are never too young to start using it. A small drop, dabbed into the skin around each eye, targets this area with energy boosting caffeine, preventing thinning and/or puffiness.



Here’s a fun fact. 

Sebum production in men is double that of women. (For those wondering, sebum is that oily secretion produced by the sebacious glands which creates that shiny, sometimes greasy, film on the skin.) Men not only have larger sebacious glands, but they also have a lot more pores (which are also wider) than women. 

So what does this mean? 

Well, in science terms, it means a lower ph level. 

In practical terms - it means that men are a lot more prone to absorbing impurities that manifest as Acne. 

(In the interest of balance, you may be interested to know that the higher ph levels in women makes them more prone to dry skin.)

Deep Impact


Think about everything you put your skin through as a man. Regular shaving, especially if not treated with the right shavecare routine, exposes the skin to constant threats of cuts, and nicks. 

Shaving removes the very top layer of the skin and, in so doing, leaves the fresher, sensitive skin beneath highly exposed to irritation and more reactive to its surroundings. This is why we encourage our customers to smooth over those open pores immediately after shaving with a soothing post-shave balm, leaving the skin calmed and perfectly balanced. 

So there you have it. 

Men have a lot going for them when it  comes to the natural structure of their skin. 

So why don’t they forever look younger than their female counterparts? Because women take skincare very seriously. 

Given that treatment of male skin is a lot less complex and simple solutions are long-term, committing to a regular skin and shave care routine should be a no brainer. Just a few products, used on repeat and you’re good to go.