Premium Double Edge Razor

$760.00 $950.00

The HOMMAGE Premium Double Edge Razor Set features razors produced in Seki, Japan, a city renowned for manufacturing Japanese swords. These special double-edged razor blades, with a thickness of just 0.1 millimeter, embody the ultimate in Japanese craftsmanship.

All metal parts are made from premium grade stainless steel. The handle and stand are made from Resin-Impregnated Wood Laminate, achieved by slowly soaking natural wood in resin. This maintains the natural texture of wood while also offering excellent water resistance and preventing deformation or warping. All leading to a truly unique lifetime razor. 

Why this razor
Highly regarded across the globe to be one of the finest razor makers, Hommage have teamed up with the Feather team in an exclusive partnership to create a limited edition Double Edge Razor. Equipped with 10 Feather blades and a presentation box, this is truly a razor for the most exclusive of gentleman. 

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