With deep pharmaceutical roots in Japan, HOMMAGE has grown to become a brand for men who know that diligent research, exploration and fine-tuning bring convincible results. Over the last 10 years we have created a simple yet effective set of solutions based on extensive scientific research and results. 

We do not chase the latest headlines, but choose to develop rituals that bring about both skin and general wellness benefits, applying our personal touch to each and every product we make for our customers. 

Our customer service is key to delivering this experience, with professional products for all skin types and hints and tips for best usage. We empower our customers to make informed decisions when becoming part of our brand and support them or their loved ones through their journey to better skin health. Transforming a daily routine into a results-driven ritual.


HOMMAGE offers 4 premium sets in both Skincare and Shaving. Designed in a 3-step ritual for either at home or on-the-go as follows;


Premium Travel Skincare ($99)

1 x 28ml Face Cleanser: Purify (RRP $25)

1 x 28ml Eye Serum: Awaken (RRP $90)

1 x 28ml Face Moisturizer: Fortify (RRP $40)

Premium Home Skincare ($180)

1 x 120ml Face Cleanser: Purify (RRP $60)

1 x 28ml Eye Serum: Awaken (RRP $90)

1 x 120ml Face Moisturizer: Fortify (RRP $90)

Premium Travel Shave Care ($70)

1 x 28ml Pre-Shave Oil: Prime (RRP $30)

1 x 28ml Shave Cream: Perform (RRP $25)

1 x 28ml Post-Shave Balm: Soothe (RRP $35)

Premium Home Shave Care ($120)

1 x 120ml Pre-Shave Oil: Prime (RRP $60)

1 x 120ml Shave Cream: Perform (RRP $60)

1 x 120ml Post-Shave Balm: Soothe (RRP $80)

Our Premium Travel Sets come gift wrapped in a box with a red bow, ready for gifting. Our Premium Home Sets come individually boxed with a red bow.


Designed by Wolfgang Joensson, one of Europe's leading product designers affiliated with top international design houses with clients such as Louis Vuitton, Moët-Hennesy, AEG, König & Neurath, and Deutsche Bank.

Crafted in Germany and Japan by the finest surgical steel manufacturers in the world, our razor sets come with a 10 year guarantee, a patented magnetic design and top-grade packaging to match. 

For the shave connoisseur, this is the ultimate gift for yourself or your loved ones and comes ready to gift in a presentation box. 

We have 7 designs, each giving 'hommage' to our design routes as follows; 

1. Stockholm - A knurled steel finish (available as a set or single razor)

2. Santiago - A classic calf leather (available as a set or single razor)

3. Shanghai - Finished in a rich Chinese red  (available as a set or single razor)

4. Chicago - Finished in a sophisticated black (available as a set or single razor)

5. Carbon Fiber - Precision carbon fiber finish  (available as a set or single razor)

6. Monaco - Smooth and sleek chrome design (our top seller)

7. Verona - Our compact travel size razor layered with silver and chrome



Our HOMMAGE Plans are the ideal way to transform your daily routine into a results driven ritual. Each of our Shave Care and Skincare Plans have been meticulously created and tweaked over the last 10 years to provide you with up to 60 days of use. 

Each plan is designed for ultimate convenience with our products delivered every 60 days to your door

Switch, pause or cancel anytime by email or phone

How Does It Work? 

60 days (or a time of your choosing) after your initial starter box, we'll ship out a replenishment kit to your home, office or hotel every 60 days. You will be charged every 60 days prior to shipment.

What are the Benefits? 

- 50% off your first box, up to 55% off the full retail price after that

- Everything you need in results-driven formulations, targeting the problem areas of the skin, re-hydrating and rejuvenating the skins natural cell barrier to make you look and feel healthier. 


We are committed to help each client on their journey to better skin  health, get in touch via the link below to start on your path to a results-driven ritual today.