Essential Monaco Sample Kit

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3 essential products, one essential ritual. Try our award winning facecare products in a 5ml sample size. For a limited time only purchase for free with local shipping at local market rates from the UK.

Limited to 1 per customer. 


A specifically engineered set of products designed to give you an essential ritual at home. 

Step 1Begin with a penny-sized amount of the pH Balancing cleanser and combine with lukewarm water to produce a light foam. Massage gently on to your skin to flush out impurities, rinse and pat face dry.

Step 2: Apply a small drop of the Eye Serum: Awaken to your ring finger, and dab gently onto the skin under each eye. Do not rub as this will damage the cells further causing dark circles.

Step 3: Apply 1-2 pumps of the Face Moisturiser: Fortify and spread evenly around the face and neck. The quantity of moisturiser applied should depend on the climate and weather conditions. Harsh weather conditions require more moisturiser which locks in moisture and protect the epidermal cell barrier throughout the day.

Step 4: Congratulate yourself on taking care of the largest organ on your body and head into the day feeling confident in your appearance.

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