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Gentle Face Cleanser - Balance 120ml


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    Designed specifically for sensitive skin, HOMMAGE’s Silver Label Gentle Face Cleanser, BALANCE blends hypoallergenic cleansing agents with proactive soothing ingredients for a solution that is both preventative, remedial and sure to leave you with a smooth complexion.

    Formulated for sensitive skin in mind, HOMMAGE’S Silver Label Gentle Face Cleanser, BALANCE, boasts only natural, hypoallergenic plant extracts so as to not irritate your skin. 

    Its anti-inflammatory agents work to soothe any irritation caused by shaving while the essential oils and moisturising agents will leave your skin impurity-free with a pearly glow, all the while leaving your skin’s natural moisture barrier intact.

    MELISSA OFFICINALIS LEAF EXTRACT essential oils, anti-inflammatory, hypoallergenic.

    FUCUS SERRATUS EXTRACT strengthens moisturizing agents within the skin.

    Begin with a quarter-sized amount of the PH Balanced cleanser Purify and lukewarm water to produce a light foam. Massage gently on to your skin to flush out impurities, rinse and pat face dry.


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