Ultra Sleek Monaco Razor


The Monaco razor competes for the eye’s attention in even the most well-appointed homes. Polished to an impeccable shine, the ultra-sleek razor is effortless to retrieve and use.

A stunning addition to any high- design décor and practical finish. Delivers an unrivalled close shave. Engineered in Japan, the design combines distinctive handle ergonomics in a decadent stainless steel finish compatible with Gillette's Mach3 blades to deliver a high-performance shave.

Why the Monaco
Men’s Fitness quotes “The Monaco razor delivers a shave as smooth and sleek as its modern chrome design.” Departures Magazine names Monaco one of the 4 top men’s razors.

As featured on Archetypeme: 

"Sure, there are other grooming products. . . But only one can be King! HOMMAGE Monaco Razor is "KING" in the Grooming Gift Guide for Men"

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