5 in 1 Men's Luxury Skincare Travel Set Collection



5 Grooming Essentials on The Go 

Everything you need to maintain your well-groomed look no matter where you go in a convenient travel size of 28ml

TSA - (Transport Security Administration) approved in clear HOMMAGE travel bag.

Includes a complete travel grooming ritual: 

Face Cleanser: Purify 28ml

Purify is a pH balanced, irritant-free cleanser that preserves the integrity of the skin’s natural moisture barrier while effectively flushing out impurities, clarifying the surface, and renewing the texture with a clean, balanced, fresh sensation.

Pre-Shave Oil: Prime 28ml

This patented formula contains our private blend of rare plant extracts combined with our signature Monaco fragrance to tame even coarse hair, achieving a flawless perfectly close shave.

Shave Cream: Perform 28ml

Perform is a rich cream designed to promote cellular repair before, during and after shaving. Our unique formula replenishes moisture quickly, reduced irritation and captures and holds each hair for an exceptionally smooth finish. 

Face Moisturizer: Fortify 28ml

Fortify was formulated to lightly hydrate and soothe skin that undergoes daily shaving. Patch technology locks in moisture throughout the day whilst delivering a  powerful and instant anti-irritant so over time skin is less sensitive to irritation caused by shaving. Enhances cellular repair, reduces sensitivity and fortifies the skin’s natural barrier.

Eye Serum: Awaken 28ml

An eye treatment serum targeting dark circles, under-eye puffiness and wrinkles. Infused with energy-boosting caffeine, targeting the skin cells with a jolt of youth.

Your five cherished products and all you need to maintain your skin whilst you travel for up to 30 days.

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