Premium Spa Sample Pack

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Our Spa Range now available worldwide. Available for free with shipping charged at the local rate from the UK. Limited to 1 per customer. 


1 x Age Defence Lotion 2ml
1 x Complete Cleanser: Purify 3ml
1 x Shave Balm: Soothe 2ml
1 x Shave Cream: Perform 3ml


AGE DEFENCE LOTION - Soft and gentle texture lavishes essential moisture to skin in order to continuously bring out the brightness and leaving skin feeling silky and smooth.

A revolutionary new serum that works to regenerate cells and moisturize the skin. The first-ever age defense lotion dispersed like a serum and splashed to the face. 

Gently penetrates the epidermal skin barrier to promote moisture retention and elasticity.

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COMPLETE CLEANSER - Composed of mild cleansing agents, this cleanser is recommended for men with all skin types as it effectively cleanses, removing dirt and pollution, without stripping the skin of its natural barrier.

The Cleanser is clinically tested to be pH balanced, and irritant-free cleanser that preserves the integrity of the skin’s natural moisture barrier while effectively flushing out impurities, clarifying the epidermis, and renewing its texture with a clean, balanced, fresh sensation. 

Gel consistency provides good foaming and easily builds lather.

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SHAVE BALM - This highly technical combination of natural actives and advanced silicones creates an unrivalled barrier that provides instant relief and locks in moisture for the entire day.

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SHAVE CREAM - Our rich, beard softening cream may be used alone or on top of Hommage Shave Oil.

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