How To Achieve The Perfect Shave - With Hommage

Shaving is a frequent, often daily, task for most men. Achieving the perfect, comfortable shave requires not only correct technique, but excellent quality equipment and product.  Hommage razor sets are ergonomically superior and both the superb razor with magnetic stand and superior silver badger brush are stylishly designed and constructed to last a lifetime.


You will need lots of hot water.  Ideally, the best time to shave is either during, or immediately after your shower.  The moisture and steam combine to create the ideal shave environment.  You will need an excellent quality razor and top-grade badger hair shaving brush.


It is essential to begin with a scrupulously clean face and beard. HOMMAGE recommends COMPLETE CLEANSER: PURIFY  to remove excess oils, stimulate and balance the skin.  This refreshing gel cleanser is massaged onto a damp face and rinsed thoroughly with warm water.  Blot face with towel.

Essential to the best shave possible, is a preparatory product to “set-up” the beard and properly lubricate and protect the skin.  HOMMAGE SHAVE OIL:  PRIME provides glide and comfort for the closest shave.  Smooth a drop or two over clean, damp skin before proceeding with SHAVE CREAM: PERFORM.


To accomplish the most professional result, consider the method used by barbers worldwide:  a high-quality badger shaving brush and razor set. This is an investment that will last a lifetime of superior shaves.  Tip: a hot towel compress prior to applying shave cream feels great and helps to soften the beard (place a moistened, wet washcloth 30 seconds in the microwave for the perfect hot towel.) Moisten the brush with hot water and massage the lower half of brush (tip) vigorously into a small dollop of shave cream.  Using circular motions, apply to beard zone with circular motions.

For comfort, it is important to shave downwardly, using short strokes, in the direction of beard growth.  This first pass will provide a “light” shave.  If a very close shave is preferred, re-lather and shave again, this time gently in an upward direction against the beard growth.  Be sure to rinse blade frequently while shaving.  Rinse face thoroughly with warm, then cool water to close the pores.



The final step is to nourish and defend the skin from stress and the environment.  A superstar, anti-age protector is:  AGE DEFENSE LOTION: RESCUE.  A few drops each day will make a tremendous improvement to the appearance of the skin.  Finally, to smooth and hydrate the beard zone, apply SHAVE BALM:  SOOTHE.  Apply a small amount over the shaved area to calm and cool post-shave sensitivities.



Elevate your shaving experience from the mundane to the magnificent by following these simple, easy steps to the ultimate shave.  Remember, there is no substitute for top quality product and tools, so don’t settle for less.