How to care for your skin through the seasons


Exfoliating will help to remove that dead skin that built up over the winter months and will restore a fresh glow to your skin. Although it may still be cold at the beginning of spring, it is actually vital that you are removing dead skin cells from your skin’s surface. We suggest gently exfoliating once a week using the HOMMAGE Face Mask as its formula flushes out toxins and dirt that can reside at deeper levels of the skin's barrier and that can provoke blemishes.

It also helps to clear the skin of dead cells that clog up your pores and cause blackhead, which is what makes your complexion appear dull and uneven. However, be careful if you have Rosacea as this can be worsened by scrubbing the skin.


As summer is coming to an end, you'll have found that your skin produced a lot more oil in summer than it is now, which is what leads to clogged pores. This is what causes adult acne. 

In autumn it’s important to use a good quality serum that will help with the pore cleaning process, bringing your pores back to a normal state during the cooler months. We suggest the HOMMAGE Awaken Eye Serum as it contains Sodium Hyaluronate, a Glycosaminoglycan derived from beneficial bacteria and used to help attract and retain moisture, which is important once the colder weather sets in.


One of the most important things is to keep hydrated. Your skin is your bodies biggest organ and do is primarily made up of water, when our organs are dehydrated, they don't function as well as they do with lots of water intake.

 It’s also important to clean the skin frequently with a cleanser during the warmer months so that you are removing oil that causes clogged pores, which results in acne. Use the HOMMAGE Purify Face Cleanser to ensure your face is washed thoroughly. Also, don't forget to wear SPF!


Winter is our skin’s number one enemy, as it causes our complexion to look dull and pasty and can wreak havoc on your natural protective barrier. 

Cold air and icy winds strip away the lipids within our skin that are responsible for keeping moister locked in. Central heating and hot showers also compromise the skin, changing the skin’s water balance, leading to further dehydration of the skin. All of these breakdowns of our skin’s barrier provide us with dry, red, irritated skin.

Moisturising is the most essential trick in winter as once the weather has ripped the natural oils from your skin, you'll need to replace them. We suggest the HOMMAGE Silver Label Face Moisturiser, as this contains Dipotassiu Glycyrrhizate which works as an anti-inflammatory and hyper allergen Ectoin proteins which strengthens the natural defences of skin cells while increasing water retention and moisture.

Moisturising regularly in winter helps your skin avoid drying up, flaking and even cracking. Ensure you pat your skin dry as rubbing can be too harsh on the delicate areas of your skin.