The weekend repair routine for men's skin

There are various products that you'll need for each time of the weekend.
Friday night it’s all about unwinding and hydrating your skin after a long week, kicking back and getting ready for the weekend ahead. Saturday day is all about getting your skin ready and looking its best if you'll be going out or out out. Finally, Sunday is about the complete and utter repair time, relaxing and rejuvenating your skin ready for another week of doing it all over again. 

Hydrate your skin on Friday night after a long week

After a long, hard week it's important to rejuvenate your skin by putting the moisture back into it. This will also give you smooth skin ready for the weekend. Wash your face and then use the HOMMAGE Face Moisturiser which will hydrate the skin and give your face a smooth, luminous appearance. 

The lightweight formula will tackle all of your anti-ageing concerns to help you achieve skin that looks and feels soft and healthy with continued use. This will provide you with your new layer over your skin to protect you from any free radicals (cigarette smoke, sunlight) that may battle with you over the weekend. 

Get ready for Saturday night with a purifying facial cleanser 

Before heading out on Saturday night you’ll need to cleanse your skin so that you're looking your best and have washed away all impurities. Nobody wants to go out with dull, flaky skin still hanging on from that tiring week you just had. 

The HOMMAGE Face Cleanser is the vital tool for this because it has surfactants that actually lift the oil from your skin, rather just washing over it. Massage into your skin with wet hands and then rinse away with warm water.

Relax and repair on Sunday evening with an exfoliating face mask 

After a busy weekend, Sunday evening is the time to treat yourself right by getting out a face mask and sitting back with your feet up while it gets to work on your skin. An exfoliating one is particularly better as it will open the surface of the skin and clean a little bit deeper than usual face masks.  

The HOMMAGE Face Mask will remove dead skin cells that may have built up over the weekend, stopping you from getting blackheads and acne by unblocking your pores. Apply an even layer of the HOMMAGE Face Mask to clean, dry skin, leave it on for 10 - 15 minutes and then rinse it off thoroughly with lukewarm water and pat your face dry. Massage exfoliator into your skin once your face is warm and wet and your pores are open. While the face mask is on, listen to some relaxing music to pretend like you are at a spa.