Skincare on the go

For a busy guy that is often on the move, it's hard to keep up with a skincare routine. Over time this will begin to take its toll on your complexion, air pollution is one of the main sources of toxins in the skin, which can be avoided, simply by cleansing your face and moisturising your face, giving you a skin barrier to defend against toxins. For those who regularly wet shave, It’s also important to have the right shaving products at hand at all times, so that you are giving your skin the correct treatment while pulling a sharp piece of metal over it.  

Thinking about this problem, we have created a premium travel solution that includes everything you need to keep your skin looking and feeling great, without lowering the quality of what you use. If that's not enough, all five products fit into a small see-through bag that you can then take on board if you're on a flight as part of your liquids. Meaning there's no extra hassle as you board a flight. 

"HOMMAGE Travel Kit"   

The HOMMAGE Travel Kit is perfect for skin care when on the move because it includes every product you need to maintain a well-groomed look, no matter where you go. It covers all of your skincare and shave care needs. Inside the Travel Kit, you’ll find:

All in convenient 28ml travel sizes.

Carry sunscreen 

Carrying a broad spectrum of sunscreen is the most important skin care product that you can have. Even in winter, you need to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays and reduce the chances of any premature ageing. A broad spectrum of sunscreen, in particular, will boast at least SPF 15 and you should be applying it a few times a day, especially after you've been swimming or sweating. Although most of our products provide a natural SPF of at least 15, we recommend doubling up with a reputable brand of sunscreen with at least 30 SPF to prevent wrinkles and skin damage. 

Face Cleanser and Face Moisturiser

The HOMMAGE Fortify Face Moisturiser and Purify Face Cleanser are two essential skincare products.

Fortify Face Moisturiser gently locks in moisture and acts as a barrier to potential toxins in the air. 

Face Cleanser is pH balanced which is especially important when in-flight. The cleanser also perseveres the integrity of the skin’s natural moisture barrier, compared to a lot of cleansers which strip the skin of its natural moisture. 

Pre-Shave Oil and Shave Cream 

When constantly on business trips you may need to keep your facial hair at bay in preparation for important meetings, so you’ll most likely need to shave. That's why the HOMMAGE Travel Kit provides you with the two essentials needed for a clean shave that leaves your skin looking fresh and feeling replenished after. 

The Pre-Shave Oil is an ultra-luxurious preparatory oil that softens the beard and readies the skin before shaving. The Shave Cream is then used to promote cellular repair, replenish moisture and reduce irritation.

An additional Shave Balm Soothe can be purchased from our store to further boost hydration of the skin, although this is not a requirement, it all comes down to personal preference and skin requirements. 


Grooming maintenance on-the-go is always a tricky thing to manouver. Most of the time we end up purchasing small samples of lower quality skincare in the airport to be used on the plane, and packing unnecessarily large products in our suitcase. Our 28ml products are designed to last a month on average, meaning even for those long extended trips, you should have everything you need in one, convenient travel bag. Buying replacements has never been easier with free shipping in the UK and US with no minimum order value required.