Why We Are Loving Stoptober

There is no doubt that Hommage men are partial to a bit of indulgence. They know what they want and expect the very best. And, while we supported Sober September as a month away from alcohol to detox and repair your skin, we know our customers well enough not to expect a completely alcohol-free life from all. 

But when it comes to cigarettes, I’m afraid there is nothing we can promote other than complete abstinence.

Stoptober is a great place to start. 

We can’t sugar-coat this.

Did you know that smoking is the single most ageing thing you can do to your skin - bar none? 

And there isn’t enough product in the world to completely reverse the impact it has. 

Everyone knows what smoking does inside your body - you don’t need to hear it from us. Our concern is arguably a more shallow but powerful deterrent (purely because, unlike the interior of your lungs, it is physically visible). And thanks to the vast number of studies conducted over the years, we can attach hard facts and data to our advice. 

So let’s dive into some of the reasons why participating in Stoptober could and, if continued, would be the best life choice you ever made for your appearance. 


If you take a pair of identical twins, one who smokes half a pack of cigarettes a day and the other having never touched a cigarette, the difference in their skin is shocking. Unsurprisingly the smoker has deep set wrinkles all over the face. This is due to vascular constriction. Constricted blood vessels inhibit the blood flow and oxygen reaching the skin cells. It is most visible around the lips where the smoker has spent years pursing their mouth around a cigarette end. 

Dull and Stained Skin

Lack of oxygen no doubt plays a part in this but the 7000 (yes, 7000!) chemicals that make up the tobacco in cut cigarettes work together to create a skin tone leaning towards the grey or even yellowing side. A whopping 250 of the chemicals mentioned are poisonous. 

Sagging Skin

The most unavoidable impact of smoking on the skin is its effect on the elastin and collagen production. Everyone knows that losing skin elasticity is a natural part of ageing. While it can be slowed down with a strong repetitive routine, it will inevitably be accelerated for smokers. The result? Saggy, loose skin all over the body but especially on the face.

Hollow Eyes

If smoking makes skin sag all over the body, imagine the impact on the most delicate part of the face. The eyes always require a bit of extra attention when it comes to a skincare routine - this is why we include a targeted eye serum in our daily routine to maintain elasticity and brightness. Starve this thin skin of oxygen and it will soon resemble crepe paper, clinging to the eye sockets. Not to mention the noticeable change in tone which is most pronounced under the eyes. 

Dry Skin

The chemicals in cigarettes destroy hyaluronic acid - the substance which helps our skin hold onto moisture. Dehydration in the skin is highly visible, not least because dryness often results in a sandpapery or flakey finish. Not a pleasant image but, unfortunately an accurate one. 

Spider Veins

The fancy name for this is Telangiectasia - a condition in which small blood vessels in the skin widen or dilate, causing damage to capillary walls. When the damage reaches a certain level it is irreversible. 

Without going into skin cancer and the truly dark effects that smoking has, that should be enough. 

But, dear smoker, it’s not all bad news. 

We would be lying if we said that our products could reverse deep wrinkles that took years of smoking to develop. But the lack of cigarettes will facilitate the regular blood flow to skin cells sending oxygen and nutrients to where they need to go. 

Also, as they are no longer hindered by the toxins in tobacco, collagen and elastin production will create visible results. Your skin tone will even out and you will appear notably fresher and, therefore, younger. 

It’s never too late.